About Cycle Happy Club

Trikes are fun.  

Based in Sheffield, UK, our club aims to promote cycling for people with learning difficulties, encouraging health and well-being. We meet to ride at Forge Valley Cycle Circuit (Forge Valley School S6 5HG) most Fridays from 20th April until October.

What we do

  • Meet to ride on the track most Fridays at 6pm.
  • Bring your own machine or borrow from the Forge Valley bike library.
  • Our club has trikes you can use - good if you can't ride a bike or just want to try something different.
  • We also have dedicated balance bikes if you want to learn to ride a bike .
  • We may be able to offer rides on a tandem or tag-along - fun, but also good to get the idea of what cycling feels like.
  • There is a social aspect as well. Cycle Happy Club provides an opportunity to meet up, breath some fresh air and do some exercise.
  • Parents & carers can ride too - some have commented how nice it is to be able to join in the activities rather than sit around the edges just watching.
  • Note that our club is growing and we have a limited number of specialist trikes/bikes so if you do recommend our club to others please ask them to contact us first, the last thing we want is disappointed young cyclists.


  • It's too dark in the evenings now and we are taking a break until April 2019. However, we are planning to do some ride and glide sessions with balance bike in Endcliffe park when weather permits. Watch this space for more.

Forge Valley cycle circuit is a purpose-built closed track, about 1km in length, just perfect for us to train on. No traffic no obstacles - just an open road. Whether you are a proficient cyclist or tricyclist or learning to ride it's fun just to ride around without the worry of traffic. There is a gentle slope at one end which is just right for balance-bike practise. If you want to ride charges are £2.00 for children and £3.00 for adults - bring your own machine, share or borrow from the Forge Valley bike library.

Meet friends.  
Three pals.  

Ready to roll.  

Track sessions paused until April 2019

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